laurie b

Laundry Day | Exploration

Brand exploration for, exploring more logo variations and branding elements. 

: More about the brand

We went deeper into its meanings and purposes to extract the fun, curated and approachable vibe the brand vibrates. Laundry Day aims to provide design forward smokeware and accessories for those who live a modern lifestyle. The normalization and modern portrayal of cannabis is a very important aspect to the brand.

: Brand exploration

We worked with a posh chartreuse, suggesting the cannabis color, with a declination of a muted but joyful color palette to reflect the relaxing but fun aspects of the brand. We explored the idea of simply defining the brand by « modern smoking » as well as picturing the products offered as pals for your daily self care routine. Wanting to explore the idea of lounging, we grazed with mid-century furniture inspirations for illustrations, logo variations and graphical elements. The blobs are abstract drawings of cannabis buds and bring a cheerful as well as an artistic touch. The rounded logo was purposely offering a shorter brand name variation. Its pronunciation makes it sound like "elle day", which is an elegant mixture of french and english that meant to say  "a day for her", as the brand's main target market are women. The « modern smoking » saying, being positioned outside of its zone, relates to the brand’s desire to create its own path and break stereotypes.

Laundry Day is about you. Say hello to « me time ».