laurie b
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I believe in a creative and thoughtful approach when designing.

I have a natural instinct for potential, which unfolds into holistic visual identities. All the details are looked at and sometimes questioned, in order to benefit the brand's essence, showcase its uniqueness and create a sincere visual identity and meaningful brand experience. Conceptual with strategic intentions.

I believe in white space, details and how letters want to move and speak.


about me

I've always loved edgy magazine layouts, paper qualities and packaging details. 



This love got ever more concrete when I graduated from Shillington College. I now freelance from my beautiful hometown of Tofino.

Being a creative head since I'm 3 apples-high, my curiosity and keen eye for details allow me to have diversified skills and find inspiration in my everyday surroundings. 

I also own a curated store called Merge (@merge.tofino), develop merchandise and paint at times.



I have a Fashion Design Degree and worked for a Parisian designer, fashion shows and in-house brands of a department store in Québec City.